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Jargon Dictionary


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1} A term used when you are out of something completely. i.e.: "The prime rib has been 86'd." 2} Can be applied to servers also.

A small first course dish that is presented before the entree. Some guests mistake appetizers for entrees.

Assistant Manager
See Manager. Has the same responsibities as a manager but gets paid less.

See Manager.

Usually consistes of: manager's office, storerooms, and/or the kitchen.

1} An itemized total of purchases before tips. 2} Perhaps someone you work with.

Break Room
A place where servers can take a moment to relax, smoke, gossip, and plot to get the manager to give them some of their free food.

Bring Back
1} An entree that is returned to the kitchen because the guest did not like it for some reason...usually entails free dessert.

See Stiffed.

1} One who cleans off utensils, plates, and trash from empty tables. 2} One who mistakenly cleans off utensils, plates, and trash from guests who are not done with them. 3} One who puts clean utensils, plates, and linens on tables. 4} One who mistakenly puts dirty utensils, plates, and linens on tables. 5} One who drives a bus.

A guest who sits at your table for an excessive amount of time. Use in a sentence: "Man! Those people have been camping out at my table since 5:30 pm! Anyone got a tent?"

1} See also bill. 2} Something for cheapskates to ignore.

Check Back
1} A visit a server will make to the table to make sure all the food and drinks meet the satisfaction of the guest(s). At this time the guest will say everything is fine or has the option of saying everything is not fine. A third option is to say everything is fine now, then later say everything was not fine. If the third option is taken, then free dessert might be offered.

Check Cover
1} A book used to present the check to the table and/or temporarily store credit cards during transactions.

1} A very grumpy man or woman who is in charge of creating foods and food combinations. 2} One who has access to very large knives.

1} A confectionary course usually at the end of the meal. 2} The first thing a manager will suggest when there is a problem with a guest.

When the hostess seets your station, one table right after another.

1} Main course dish. 2} Not the same as an appetizer.

1} Also known as "Expo". 2} One who is in charge of line cooks and/or plate presentations. 3} One who works in place of or with a chef.

Folding Napkins
To take a napkin and fold, twist, or tie into a new shape so it resembles a napkin that has been folded, twisted, or tied into a new shape, i.e. shell, hat, candle, folded napkin.

Any area a guest might see including: dinning room, lobby, bathrooms, a show kitchen, and/or side station.

See also Tip.

Snacking on items, such as croutons, tortillas, breadsticks, crackers, sauces, and whatever else might be on the sidebar or along the expo line.

1} One who dines in restaurants. 2} A term to replace "customer" to make restaurant goers feel more welcome. 3} One who might get free dessert if there is a problem with the entree.

See Weeded.

A term that refers to how deep in the weeds one really is, i.e."I'm so backed up I'm deep in the jungle"

Line Cook
1} One who cooks and/or assembles food onto the plate. 2} One who works with the chef.

1} One who is in charge of the daily operations of a restaurant. 2} One who performs such tasks as: scheduling, inventory, budgeting, and supervising. 3} One who eats free food in the restaurant.

Manager's Office
A place for managers to do paper work, make important phone calls, and hide.

1} A term used for needing something right away. 2} A term used when the server forgot to order some part of the entree. 3} A term used to get a new dish in place of a bring back. 4} A good place to put the dish if there is one on the table.

1} A group of people gathered together to eat. 2) A group of people gathered together to have fun, recreation, merriment, etc. 3) A group of people gathered together to eat and be demanding.

1} A term used for a server who looks way too stressed. 2} A term used for a Post Office Worker who looks way too stressed, i.e. "John looks like he is going postal!"

Rolling Silverware
1} To take a napkin and wrap it around a fork, spoon, knife, or any combination thereof and, possibly, tie off with a piece of string or sticky paper. 2} To mug or rob silverware.

See Servers' Assistant.

The opportunistic feeding of stray entrees, appitizers, or desserts by waiters. Verb examples: scrumping, scrumpage.

See Seating Host/Hostess.

Seating Host/Hostess
1} One who shows the guests to their tables. 2} Your best friend. 3} Your worst enemy.

Also Waiter, Waitress, Slave. 1} One who takes menu orders. 2} One who brings the meals and drinks to the table. 3} A person who acts as a representive of the guest to the kitchen.

Servers' Assistant
1} One who assists a server. 2} One who helps a server stay out of the weeds. 3} One who performs busser-like duties.

The amount of hours spent at one's job, measured from moment you walk into the door, until the time you walk into your house. (Has no relation to what the time clock might actually tabulate.)

Show Kitchen
A kitchen that has been placed in the dining room for full guest viewing.

Side Station
A station set-up in the dining room for use by servers, server assistants, and bussers. Usually contains extra china, utensils, and linen. Also, may or may not consist of a beverage area. Also, may or may not be stocked, depending on who's sidework it may be.

Servers' tasks other than waiting on tables. These tasks can be performed before, during, or after a shift, i.e. folding napkins, cleaning and rolling silverware, kissing up to the manager for free food.

1) For a server to leave without doing closing sidework, i.e. rolling silverware 2) To move on shoes with blades or rollers attached.

1} See Weeded. 2} What One Becomes In The Local Bar After Being WEEDED All Day Long.

1} See server. 2} One who is indentured to another. 3} One who has no rights as a human being. 4} One who is owned by another.

1} One who helps him/herself to a table, whether or not a seating host is available. 2} A party that has finished their meal completely yet hangs around for hours upon hours.

1} No tip was left for the server. 2} No money was given in an exchange for services provided. 3} A bad, bad, evil, thing.

1} Money left in exchange for a service performed. 2}Usually 15 to 20% in restaurants, unless British.

Tip Card
1} A card that explains in serveral different languages, including English, the custom of tipping 15 to 20%. 2} A card placed in English-speaking people's check covers that explains in several different languages the custom of tipping 15 to 20%.

See server.

See server.

A slang term that is an androgenous form of waiter or waitress.

1} To have too much to do. 2} To not be able to keep up or accomplish all the tasks set before you. 3} A feeling or act of being behind in one's work. 4} A very bad place. i.e. "I have too many tables, I'm very weeded!"

Term used to describe a server reacting in an adverse manner to being slammed. Closely associated with postal behavior. Also known as: Wigging, Wigged-Out, Toupee.