Life in the WEEDS
Life in the WEEDS
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For anyone who is confused already (probably a back-of-the-house greaseball or a 4'3" Latino with a messed up fade named Johny):

1} To have too much to do. 2} To not be able to keep up or accomplish all the tasks set before you. 3} A feeling or act of being behind in one's work. 4} A very bad place. i.e. "I have too many tables, I'm very weeded!" or "No hands I'm weeded up bad" or "I'm so deep in the weeds I can't see the light!"

If you have ever had to serve a disgruntled customer, Welcome Home!

Bon appetite'

We will be dedicated to working on this site until all of the service industry is entertained. (But until then GET OFF OUR BACK because we are in the WEEDS!) Thank you.

Here at last we have finally stepped up and filled the void all of the service industry didn't know they had. This is the page that will finally entertain the fastest-moving front-of-the-house server to the slowest, greasiest, most ignorant back-of-the-house cook.

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